Rooftop vehicle awnings have emerged as a game-changer, rendering traditional setups obsolete. The awnings we feature are designed specifically for off-road vehicles and they not only provide a seamless integration with the vehicle’s structure but also redefine the standards of on-the-go shelter.

The allure of the great outdoors beckons many, from the seasoned road-trippers to the weekend warriors. The journey is often as memorable as the destination, with nature revealing its splendor at every turn. Yet, with nature’s beauty comes unpredictability—be it sudden downpours, searing sunlight, or a fierce gust of wind. For adventurers on the road, the demand for versatile and dependable shelter solutions has never been greater, and this is where 4×4 rooftop vehicle awnings come into play. Seamlessly integrating with most off-road vehicles, these awnings are a game changer, not just providing refuge from the elements, but also enhancing the entire outdoor experience. Ahead, we look at the features of a few excellent 4×4 rooftop vehicle awnings, shedding light on why they have rapidly become a must-have accessory for many outdoor enthusiasts.

ARB 813107
  • Designed to suit all ARB 2500 or 8.2 model Awnings
  • Manufactured from lightweight PU coated 300gsm poly cotton canvas
  • Fully Waterproof and UV protected with a UVP 50+ rating
  • Tie down points for each wind break to further secure the awning
  • Comes with 4 stakes to safely stretch to the ground
Thule Overcast Awning
  • Awning length: 6.5 ft
  • Included hardware allows for mounting directly to load bars via T-track or around-the-bar methods
  • Included locking hoods protect against theft
  • Remains stable in wind with the included guide wires
  • Includes two height-adjustable poles
  • Awning rolls into a 1100g PVC travel cover
MoonShade Awning
  • Weighs just 8 lbs
  • Product includes a carrying bag 
  • Made of durable water-resistant polyester 
  • The bottom of the shade is a reflective coating made of UV-blocking polyester webbing which blocks the sun’s rays.
  • Large shade coverage of 9’ x 7’ (63 sq ft).
  • The front upright support poles are adjustable and extend to a maximum height of ~ 8 ft. 
Rhino Rack Batwing
  • 270 Degrees of Shade and 118.5 Square Feet of Coverage
  • Included: Poles, Ropes, Pegs, Fitting Kit for Roof Rack Mounting, Heavy-Duty PVC Bag  
  • Made from Heavy-Duty Rip Stop Material
  • Water Resistant,
  • Tested and Rated to UPF 50+ For Maximum Sun Protection
  • Awning Material: 210D P/OX W/R PI2000MM
  • Setup in minutes


Made from Polyurethane canvas (same as awning), ARB 813107 will resist any kind of heavy wind, rain or dusty environment.


With 270 Degrees Of Shade and 118.5 Square Feet of Coverage, the Batwing is the Perfect Addition to Any Adventure.

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