The Airwheel SE3miniT Smart Suitcase represents a groundbreaking advancement in luggage technology, offering travelers a wealth of enhanced convenience with its ‘ride-on’ functionality.
Features and specs include:
  • Material: ABS+PC 3-layer composite material, light and wear-resistant, load 100kg. The main frame of the box is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, and the strength and hardness are treated with special technology.
  • Battery: 73.26WH lithium battery can meet the requirements of 8-10 kilometers manned riding while ensuring boarding. It is equipped with a USB interface and can be charged at any time. It can also be used as a mobile power source.
  • Motor: 100W brushless motor, quieter, more sensitive, accurate torque to diameter ratio, maximum speed 10km/h. TSA code lock, LED ambient light, reversing function, front decorative baffle
  • Other features:
    – Size: 385X250X575mm ; Tire size:4 inch
    – Max loading: 100Kg ; Max speed: 8km/h
    – Secure TSA lock
    – LED ambient light
    – Reversing function

Alright, jet-setters and adventure seekers, let’s dive a little deeper into the marvel that is the Airwheel SE3miniT 20 Inch Electrical Riding On Suitcase. Picture this: you’ve got a tight connection to make or a seemingly endless layover. Rather than trudging through terminals or idly waiting around, this beauty propels you at speeds of up to 8km per hour, making sure you’re zipping past fellow travelers with a breeze and a smirk.

The magic behind this is its intuitive design, allowing you to effortlessly shift between a standard suitcase and a ridable scooter. With a simple pull or push, it transforms, ensuring you’re always in control. But beyond the fun of it all, the suitcase is a game-changer for those with mobility issues or those who simply desire to traverse expansive airport spaces without the exhaustion. And with that 8km per hour speed? You’re not just traveling; you’re cruising in style! So, next time you’re planning a trip, consider making it a ride to remember with the Airwheel SE3miniT. Safe travels and smooth rides, fellow explorers! 

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