Pinion E-Drive System: the future is here

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Sports & E-Sports

German company, Pinion, developed the Pinion e-drive system as an electric drivetrain. In particular, this E-Drive system combines Pinion’s gearbox technology with an electric motor, creating a compact and efficient drivetrain solution for electric bicycles.

Designers intended the system for integration into the bike’s frame, and offers a wide range of gear ratios to accommodate various riding conditions.

Furthermore, one of the key advantages of the Pinion E-Drive system is its ability to provide a more natural and intuitive riding experience. The gearbox allows for seamless shifting, even under heavy load, and the electric motor assists the rider’s pedalling effort, providing additional power when needed.

The Pinion E-Drive system is known for its reliability and durability, making it suitable for demanding cycling applications. Various bike manufacturers have adopted it, and is often found in high-end electric bicycles.

The Pinion E-Drive gearbox effortlessly interconnects all elements of the electric bike drivetrain system.

Key takeaways:

  • The Pinion E-Drive System offers four support levels: Eco, Flow, Flex, and Fly.
  • The Pinion E-Drive System unifies motor and gearbox in a single unit that caters better to the needs of an e-bike, as well as the higher stresses it can put on components.
  • The Pinion E-Drive System is claimed to weigh around 4,000g to 4,100g, depending on the model.
  • The Pinion E-Drive System offers two models: Specifically, the MGU E1.12 and the MGU E1.9.
  • The MGU E1.12 motor has a torque equivalent of 85Nm, a maximum support of 400%, and a Q-factor of 174mm.
  • The MGU E1.9 motor weighs 4,000g.
  • Additionally, the Pinion E-Drive System requires little maintenance, only needing an internal oil change every 10,000 km.
  • The Pinion E-Drive System uses Pinion’s own hardware and software to control the MGU, which continuously reads the input torque, motor speed, and other metrics to ensure a natural ride feel.
  • The Pinion E-Drive System can be combined with a Pinion Longlife Chaindrive or belt drive system.
  • Pinion gearboxes use spur gearing with two subunits connected in sequence, and the individual gear ratios are derived by matching the two subunits with various cog pairings.
  • Pinion gearboxes are modeled after proven automobile transmission technology.
  • Pinion offers two types of gearboxes: the P-line and the C-line. The P-line comes in 18 and 12-speed versions, while the C-line comes in 12, 9, or 6-speed varieties, with gearing ranges of 568% and 600%
  • Pinion Smart. Shift shifts Pinion’s proven gearbox technology in e-bikes electrically via shift lever, while riding, while stationary, and under load.

Compact Package

In a package of similar size and weight as other current mid-motor e-bike drive systems with external shifting components.

Perfect shifting. In any situation. At a standstill and under load.

The quality of the shifts of the MGU is far superior to other systems in terms of shifting under load and the speed of the gear change thanks to the integrated nature of the system as well as the fact that the hardware and software were developed specifically towards each other..

System integration running on FIT.

We made sure to have strong partners on board right from the very beginning of the MGU’s development process. Thanks to FIT as our system integration partner, we can now offer customers an incredible amount of modularity as well as a proven and reliable service infrastructure. 


The Pinion E-Drive system is a groundbreaking and innovative solution for electric bikes, integrating a powerful electric motor with Pinion’s renowned gearbox technology. It offers up to 12 speeds, electronic shifting, and a compact design that rivals traditional e-bike mid-engine motors.

The system’s key strengths include flawless shifting performance, even under heavy load, and rapid gear changes. The integration of hardware and software specifically developed for this system further enhances its performance and reliability.

The Pinion E-Drive system excels in terms of reliability and durability. Its enclosed housing effectively protects against dust, mud, and water, making maintenance and cleaning significantly easier. Additionally, the elimination of external shifting components reduces wear on the drive system, resulting in low maintenance requirements.

To sum up, the Pinion E-Drive system represents a significant advancement in the field of electric bike drivetrains. Its seamless integration of motor and gearbox, coupled with its reliability and low maintenance, makes it a compelling choice for e-bike enthusiasts seeking a high-performance and hassle-free riding experience.

Pinion E-Drive system: The Future is Here!

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