Wahoo’s ELEMNT RIVAL Multisport smartwatch is designed with a keen focus on amplifying athletic performance without getting bogged down by gadgetry! 

The Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Multisport Watch is crafted with a primary aim of amplifying athletic performance, shedding the excess gadgetry that often clutters such devices.

Harnessing the user-friendly ELEMNT operating system, this GPS smartwatch boasts a streamlined yet potent interface. Its standout features like the Touchless Transition, Multisport Handover, and Perfect View Zoom are not mere fancy buzzwords; they provide a genuine edge, especially during intensive training or competition.

Design and Display

Aesthetically, with its vibrant 64-bit color display, chic ceramic bezel, and durable Gorilla® Glass lens, the RIVAL doesn’t just cater to athletes but also appeals to the fashion-forward. And while it makes a stylish day-to-day accessory, make no mistake—the smartwatch is built to endure even the most grueling workouts.

But there’s more to RIVAL than just tracking the basics. Its 24/7 monitoring delves deep, covering not just the typical laps, cycling hours, or miles. Impressively, it digs into metrics like heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. This equips users with a holistic fitness data suite, tailor-made for refining workouts and pushing those training boundaries.

Definitely one of the top multisport GPS Smartwatches out there!


Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Specifications

The Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL boasts compact dimensions of 46.5 x 46.5 x 15.3 mm, making it a sleek choice for athletes. Its display measures 1.2 inches in diameter, showcasing vibrant colors with a resolution of 240 x 240. The display is protected by durable Gorilla Glass, encased in a ceramic bezel with a sturdy nylon polymer case. The silicone strap is comfortable, measuring 10 inches in length and fitting wrist circumferences between 140 mm to 240 mm. Weighing just 53 g, it’s lightweight yet packs a powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 14 days in smartwatch mode or up to 24 hours in GPS or HR mode. The built-in GPS functionality supports both GPS and GLONASS satellites, ensuring accurate tracking during outdoor activities. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters with a rating of 5 ATM. Additional features like Perfect View Zoom Buttons and an Ambient Light Sensor enhance user experience, adjusting the display for optimal viewing in varying light conditions.

Additional Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Features


ELEMNT RIVAL allows for indoor bike training by connecting to Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainers, you have complete control of the smart trainer trusted by Olympic 
gold medalist and three-time IRONMAN world champion, 
Jan Frodeno.


Enjoy seamless race data sharing between RIVAL watch and ELEMNT bike computers without pushing a button.


Execute swimming, biking, and running structured workouts effortlessly with RIVAL. Preloaded with 12 Wahoo Sports Science designed sessions or authenticate your TrainingPeaks account to sync your training calendar for the next week’s worth of workouts.

Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Advantages

Extensive Sport Activity Tracking

  Excellently tracks a wide range of sports activities, providing a comprehensive insight into your performance.

Accurate GPS Functionality

 The GPS functionality stands out for its accuracy and reliability, ensuring no unexpected dropouts during your training sessions.

Seamless Device Compatibility

 Seamlessly pairs with both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors, enabling connections with devices like power meters, heart rate monitors, and cycling speed sensors.

Impressive Battery Longevity

With a longer battery life, it ensures users don’t find themselves reaching for the charger frequently.

No-nonsense Approach

Its refreshingly uncomplicated approach makes it a top pick, especially for individuals deeply invested in triathlon sports.

Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL Disadvantages

Bulky Design

May not be a perfect fit for everyone, particularly those with smaller wrists due to its slightly bulky design.

Challenging Navigation

Users might find it a tad challenging to navigate, especially if accustomed to more intuitive interfaces.

Limited In-depth Data

Lacks in-depth data for metrics like sleep, positioning it behind some contemporaries in holistic health tracking.

Basic Feature Set

Lacks some advanced capabilities seen in other smartwatches, making it relatively basic in terms of features.

Not a Comprehensive Fitness Tracker

Does not delve into holistic well-being monitoring or provide guidance towards adopting healthier habits, which could be a drawback for those seeking a more holistic health companion.

In conclusion

In summary, the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL stands as a solid companion for fitness aficionados, especially those invested in triathlon sports. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with features like Touchless Transition and Multisport Handover, enriches the training and competition experience. While it excels in tracking a wide range of sports activities with accurate GPS functionality, its minimalist approach could be a double-edged sword. The watch’s design may not cater to everyone, and the lack of advanced wellness tracking features positions it less favorably for those seeking holistic health monitoring. Nonetheless, its durable build, chic aesthetics, and core fitness tracking capabilities make the ELEMNT RIVAL a worthy consideration for those who prioritize performance and simplicity in their training gear.

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