Looking to shave minutes off your tri-bike course without buying a new ride? Aerobars might be your answer. These bars, by minimizing your aerodynamic profile, offer a significant speed advantage.

Beyond the aerodynamic advantage, the correct aerobar setup can enhance your cycling efficiency. A precise position not only helps maintain a steady speed but can also improve your power output, translating to faster speeds and potentially leading the pack in competitive settings. However, like any cycling equipment, the fit is paramount. The wrong aerobar setup can not only be uncomfortable but may also hinder your power delivery, thereby negating any potential advantages. It’s here that the adaptability of aerobars proves invaluable. With adjustable features, these bars can be tailored to an individual’s unique specifications, ensuring an optimal balance between comfort and performance.

To truly maximize the benefits and ensure every aspect of your biking posture is spot on, investing in a professional bike fitting session might be a wise choice. Such an assessment takes into account your body’s biomechanics and aligns them with your bike for peak performance. As you contemplate this, let’s delve into three top aerobar options currently on the market to kickstart your journey to faster cycling.


BBB Cycling Aero Bars
  • Designed to suit all ARB 2500 or 8.2 model Awnings
  • Manufactured from lightweight PU coated 300gsm poly cotton canvas
  • Fully Waterproof and UV protected with a UVP 50+ rating
  • Tie down points for each wind break to further secure the awning
  • Comes with 4 stakes to safely stretch to the ground
Deda Elementi Superzero TT
  • Aerodynamic Design prioritizes a streamlined design to reduce air resistance.

  • Adjustability in terms of width, angle, and reach to provide a custom fit for the rider.

  • Lightweight Construction

  • Comfortable Grips to ensure riders can maintain an efficient position for extended periods.

  • Secure Clamping System ensures the handlebar extensions remain firmly attached to the base handlebar.

Profile Designs Subsonic/Race/35A
  • Designed with rider comfort in mind, offering an ergonomic shape that helps reduce fatigue.

  • Design aims to reduce drag and therefore increase a rider’s speed.

  • The Race bracket is integrated into this handlebar design, offering a range of adjustability options.

  • The 35A refers to the 35-degree angle of the ski-bend extensions, to offer a balance between aerodynamics and comfort. 

Clip-on aero handlebars are essential gear for cyclists looking to enhance their speed and efficiency. The Deda Elementi Unisex’s Superzero TT Clip-On Handlebar Extension is known for its high-quality bike components, often featuring a streamlined design, adjustability, and lightweight construction. Profile Designs Subsonic/Race/35A Handlebar stands out for its integrated bracket and 35-degree ski-bend extensions, combining aerodynamics with rider comfort. Meanwhile, the BBB Cycling clip-on Aero Bars emphasize adjustability and ergonomics, offering padded armrests and a secure fit, all designed to minimize air resistance. Choosing among these options boils down to specific rider preferences and needs, as all three bring a blend of comfort and performance to the table.
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